TheVisionMachine is a scholarly platform for critically engaging the intersection of war, peace, and media. Using a multimedia approach, TVM incorporates pod/vodcasts, media analysis, documentary clips, discussion, and links to larger bodies of work.  Visitors are encouraged to participate by joining the site’s social network.  TVM is operated by a global group of scholars in the fields of International Relations, Media Production, and Communication Studies.

The site fosters interactive and in-depth engagement through:

  1. Spotlights. Featured micro-documentaries and visual artifacts that examine the intersection between media, war and peace.
  2. Innerviews. In-depth interviews with leading thinkers and practitioners in the field.
  3. Social media presence through TwitterFacebookVimeo, and YouTube.
  4. Ivory Tower 2.0. A specialised discussion forum around how digital new media offers new opportunities and challenges to the practices of academics.
  5. Free membership to anyone (from academics to artists, from practitioners to the interested global citizen, from peace activists to military personnel).