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    Another Boston Bombing note: Jingoism Jangles My Nerves

    Around the world, there was much sympathy and from some places hard-earned empathy for victims and survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings. It is likely that much of this was squandered as global media reported some Boton residents’ celebrations after the second suspect was captured. The triumphalist shouts of “USA! USA!” turned what would have been a moment of universal relief into jingoistic posturing. This reinforces widely-held perceptions that Americans care only about terrorism directed against Americans. The terrorist killing of many innocent civilians in Pakistan and Iraq [in conflicts America helped spawn] in the same week was nearly unremarked in most US media. The attacks are not directly linked, of course, but these deaths are not unconnected.

    • Perhaps, that is the problem with American media. Unfortunately, this is perhaps the most WATCHED political event in the US since 9/11. Its only when the War on Terror is brought home that the US public shows interest. Meanwhile as you said, on the other side of the world, innocents are dying everyday (often directly or indirectly from blunders made in US foreign policy.