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    At the International Studies Association conference recently, we held an all-day workshop on “Filming/Film in International Relations,” which showcased a number of film projects and also The Vision Machine. We all had a lengthy discussion about the nature of academic scholarship and why film ought to have a place at the table. Laura Shepard, one of the organizers, is preparing a kind of manifesto or position paper based on the discussion. Sebastian Kaempf and I had a chance to conduct some video interviews with the likes of James Der Derian and Cynthia Weber, who both screened films, and Mike Williams, who was there for the discussion. Der Derian and Weber talked about their own histories of making films in an academic context, and Williams broke the whole issue down with a very thoughtful analysis of the central questions involved in considering this kind of work “scholarship.” Seb and I hope to get some of those interviews up and linked to Ivory Tower 2.0 soon. In the meantime, perhaps we could extend the workshop’s conversation to the folks here at TVM. Is it possible to stretch the meaning of scholarship, and in what ways can we build this particular site to do that?