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    I wouldn’t make too much of the meaning of these celebration images. They’re likely the only moving pictures the mainstream U.S. tv webs can obtain. Before tbis recent crisis began, they likely didn’t have a reporter and crew any closer to Seoul than in Beijing.

    • Yes, but this gets at the more interesting question of how the economics of access condition the story. The field of available images is small. The final image-narrative then depends on what N. Korea officially releases (one lever) and how these images are cut and captioned by the U.S./West (the other lever).

      • In the semiotic approach I devised for my dissertation, “Irony, Ambiguity, and Meaning in CBS Television News Coverage of the Death of John Lennon,” I found that the audio (often but not always WHAT IS SAID [by anchor or reporter]) immediately preceding, during, and immediately following the stream of the image track colors and limits the “reasonable” meanings derivable from having viewed the image track alone w/no accompanying voice-over or subsequent “outro.”