How to Use

Participation in The Vision Machine is available to those who formally register.  This is free and open to anyone.  Registered users can comment on exhibits, join discussion groups, and connect with other TVM members.  Those who contribute spotlight pieces are normally active members.   We do not distribute email addresses to third parties or use them for regular mailings.

After registering your account, click on your icon at any time to change your settings and your avatar photo.

Here are some ways to get active:

1. Post a status update. What’s on your mind when it comes to war, peace, and media? Yes, it’s just like Facebook, except the NSA hasn’t knocked on our door yet. A quick status update can clue people into your own research and strike up conversations all by itself. You can see what everyone is up to under the “activity” tab.

2. Comment on the spotlight features. These are designed to be enjoyed on their own but also also as provocations for further discussion. Comments are limited to TVM members, so chances are much higher for intelligent and civil discussion.

3. Make friends. The Vision Machine is a strange attractor for people who might complement your own interests. Have a look through the member rolls and their bios. You can send a quick note through the system or even…ahem…request that they be “friends,” which clues you in on their activities on the site. You might consider massaging your own profile a bit to make your expertise more available to others.

4. Join a discussion group. We currently have two: “Ivory Tower 2.0” (for discussing how academe could be done differently) and “WarMemes” (for striking up conversations regarding emerging tropes, images, and other artifacts that drive our memed world). There’s potential for these to branch.

5. Pitch to us your own idea for a spotlight. The site is in part driven by what we call “spotlights”: short-form multimedia pieces and media criticism. Doing one of these is a good opportunity to showcase your own ongoing work to a plugged-in audience.

6. Follow TVM on Facebook and Twitter, both of which are linked on the front page. Right now, the editors make announcements regarding new spotlights on Facebook. Our Twitter feed, which can also be seen on the front page of the TVM site, circulates found objects.