The Wall

This video documents the artwork that dominates certain sections of the separation barrier between Israel and the West Bank. Approximately 90% of this barrier is made of a system of fences and barbed wire, while the remaining sections are constructed of 8m high concrete slabs replete with guard towers and security cameras.

These concrete sections have become what is essentially one giant protest banner. On the Palestinian side, almost every section of the wall has been tagged with graffiti. This graffiti ranges from small hand-written messages and children’s drawings to giant murals of intricate design and quality by international artists. The artwork has become one of the major forms of protest against the continued existence of the wall and represents an artistic stream-of-consciousness, representative of all who live under its shadow.

Surprisingly, much of the graffiti and protest slogans are in English. For what is a very local struggle, the canvas seems to be turned toward the international community. Moreover, the cover of anonymity that this form of protest bestows allows people to be far more open in their political views surrounding the conflict.

(Shot and contributed by Ali Rae and Ben Walker)

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